Teacher or Teaser?

Life teaches: a submission to dismal.
A validation of creation’s gradual
build-up of turture and rage- innocences
must soak in guilts; love shall fade off to lust.
Plain ineptness swallows our stolid senses.
Pace bonds with sluggishness; matter with dust,
adolescent dreams; timid temprament,
& memories dear are only of torment.

They aren’t ever lessons, they’re just teases.
The weather becomes harsh, yet favourable,
Fate’s sometimes pleasant, & sometimes displeases,
wearier the heart, the more it proves durable.
Youth well spent returns with haunting pain,
all hopes will die, then they will rise again,
love’s nothing but a cheap cheat at last,
& breath is inconsequentially fast.

The discourse pages are always refreshed,
the common blunder lurking to recur,
the rookie careful, eschewing being trashed,
the tutor playful, lighting up his bore.
The one is focused, desperate, serious,
the other- frivolous, bleak, ingenious.
Occurences are Life tossing a coin,
& it is tail when she kicks our groin.


Our Chemistry

They say opposite charges do attract;
our love is proof. Our atoms interact
as in the chloride of Sodium. I am
the sodium- brawny, tall, of precise gram,
whereas, you are a lighter chlorine gas
in human form– a┬ádisproportional┬ámass.
You’re like the Bunsen burner, and I Sodium,
I melt when I see you– like heavy opium,
you’d not be just a phase I’m passing through.
I’d trust you, thereby not keep an ion you.
Hell with calenders, you’d mark your periods
on a periodic table. No row void.
You’d be the base, titrated in joint
against my acid- we’d meet at the end point.
We’d say ‘I do’ as does an acid says
to its alkali, and proceed to the phase
where our salt inherits my eyes; your lips,
& vapourise away the dilution in drips.
We’d live together as crystals of rocks
that not death, even, saps such strong-held blocks.
You’d be Nitrogen molecules, and I
an atom of Oxygen, and we’d ally
to an undying laughter, hap and mirth,
to live against the miseries of the earth.