Our Chemistry

They say opposite charges do attract;
our love is proof. Our atoms interact
as in the chloride of Sodium. I am
the sodium- brawny, tall, of precise gram,
whereas, you are a lighter chlorine gas
in human form– a┬ádisproportional┬ámass.
You’re like the Bunsen burner, and I Sodium,
I melt when I see you– like heavy opium,
you’d not be just a phase I’m passing through.
I’d trust you, thereby not keep an ion you.
Hell with calenders, you’d mark your periods
on a periodic table. No row void.
You’d be the base, titrated in joint
against my acid- we’d meet at the end point.
We’d say ‘I do’ as does an acid says
to its alkali, and proceed to the phase
where our salt inherits my eyes; your lips,
& vapourise away the dilution in drips.
We’d live together as crystals of rocks
that not death, even, saps such strong-held blocks.
You’d be Nitrogen molecules, and I
an atom of Oxygen, and we’d ally
to an undying laughter, hap and mirth,
to live against the miseries of the earth.