Send ’em Home

It is not much of a surprise
No prisons here a white comprise
would it be if none of theirs lack
Every indigo but black?

No one from Bombay hits run,
No Welshman ever clicks a gun;
All redhead who speaks the word ‘ain’t’
Is an automatic saint.

Fool! Who says slavery’s in the bin,
For what’s it called if you are in
Oslo, a 6-part-time jobs striver,
In Lagos, an Australian’s driver?

They lurk, conspire, hate, plant a tail,
Torture, convict, inject, jail,
Inject more, oppress, turn us to gnome,
Sign a ‘no return’; send us home.

Why not for each ten, send ten more?
For each twelve, a dozen score?
Why not borrow the phrase ‘fuck off’
For countrymen of Vlad Stoitchkov?

Send every Irish back to Ireland,
Welsh to their frozen Shire-Land,
All Yankees back to Western leather,
Arabians to sandy weather.

Why let Italians ruin our home
When we can throw them back to Rome?
All Albinos from Germany
Must abide by the same decree.

No Taiwanese, Koreans must stay;
Send them all back to Taipei.
Mexs to Cinco de Mayonnaise,
French to Napoleonian race.

Yet, to weep in lashing rain
Is nothing but to weep in vain;
Who would be treated jestly
Whose best tactic is amnesty?


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