The Sanusi Family Had a Dog

My passion for canines was terrific.
The day he became part of th’ family,
the house was chaotic, confused, and hectic,
that none could touch his furry hair, but me.

He was so beautiful. We named him Tim.
but th’ family had big grudges for dogs-
Why? Muslim families are muslim
families– the laws detest hounds and hogs.

But this soon passed. He was unique, maybe
unusual, but young Tim won all their hearts
too quick. They’ll have big quarrels o’er who sees
to his diet, or walks him out to Marts.

This too soon passed. That Sunday in his Kennel,
we met him lying in a pool of blood.
His skull squashed to the wall. He smelled like hell.
No one’d the slightest idea what had trod

that harshly on the lowly dog. I shed
tears, shouted, I complained, blamed every soul.
None knew how much I hated how dogs howl,
so none will know I crushed the puppy’s head.



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