Bippity Boppity Boo

Cain was banished from Eden, & moved to Nod, where he got married & raised children. — Genesis 4:16-25

To assume that when the world was made,
before the light & bliss & rue,
The Spirit posed with His Wand & Jade,
& bippity bopitty boo!

Before the dark time was referred to as Night,
before the dawn of day accrued,
before the tree, & Eden, & fright,
then bippity bopitty boo.

So came the cow, the pig, the sacred lamb,
the harmless cougar now in zoo,
& wolves & foxes, rabbit & ram,
& bippity boppity boo.

So formed the lands from waters, so formed grass,
so formed red roses & violets blue;
& lilies began to in purple amass
by bippity boppity boo.

How they were perfect just the way they were:
Murder was never a Tiger’s clue.
Dinosaurs threaded on insects with care.
Bippity boppity boo:

A monkey’s hand, a shark’s cartilage;
skeleton upright & true–
Adam was but of no particular age
by bippity boppity boo.

We know of Eve, the Serpent, the evil fruit.
We know of sacrifices too
of Cain & Abel & how one did one mute:
Bippity boppity boo.

Cain raised a family when he moved to Nod,
But what lady could he have woo’d?
To think the wand was waved & that by God,
& bippity boppity boo!



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