English is a freaking bitch

I lie in my mattress, but do not lie–
English is a freaking bitch.
Many a Bill will not pay his bill,
nor is a will to live within a Will.
Brain lessons ne’er lessen by getting high–
English is a freaking bitch.

The praying mantis always prays, yet is prey
in a toad’s goddamn dish.
‘A tale of a tail’ sounds not sound a poem,
but that’s not true about ‘A roam in Rome’.
This is so flay, my nerves & temper fray:
English is a freaking bitch!

Pile- compilation. No ‘bile- combilation’?
Do you still intend to ditch?
With stress comes distress, but crime not discrime?
‘Light year’ is a measure of length, not time;
but ‘Shake'”s of time, not masturbation?
Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy bitch!

‘Bury me with a berry’ is not a line
I’ve seen in any death wish.
None fain to feign grave verses on his grave,
nor does one spares he whom he spears. We pave
way & farewell to him in well-fair wine–
Ain’t English a freaking bitch?